DoKu Social Mission

DoKu Social Mission
Malaysia National Policy on Biological Diversity

At the heart of Doku Community Farmers mission is the recognition of the Malaysian government desire to fulfill her commitment to the United Nations Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD). In 1998, Malaysia developed its first National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plan (NBSAP) which is known as the National Policy on Biological Diversity (NPBD). This serves as a national blueprint for the overall biodiversity management in the country as well as to fulfil its obligations under the Convention (UNDP, 2014).

The current policy (2016-2025) seeks to conserve Malaysia’s biological diversity and to ensure that it its components are utilized in a sustainable manner for the continued progress of the nation. At Doku Community Farmers, we seek to work alongside our government objectives and policies by becoming a stakeholder in this vision through the nation’s 5 national goals and 17 national biodiversity targets to be implemented by the stakeholders, who would focus on biodiversity conservation to support the national development which aims to ensure that agriculture production are managed and harvested sustainable.

Therefore, Doku Community Farmer mission and vision under the nation’s 5 national goals, is to bring along its communities to focus to the goals to conserve biodiversity and at the same time work towards the reduction of direct and indirect pressures on biodiversity. We will also safeguard all our nations ecosystems, species, and genetic diversity. Doku Community Farmer will also ensure that the benefits from the utilization of biodiversity are accrued equitable to all. All our programs will help to improve our members capacity, knowledge, and skills to conserve biodiversity.

About Us

Doku LogoDoKu Biotechnology Industries Sdn. Bhd. is the down stream processing company for indigenous native DoKu community farms based in Sarawak. The primary objective of DoKu Biotechnology Industries is to use good manufacturing practices in producing nutrients for human and animal feed.
The primary crops we focus on are:
• Bamboo
• Tropical Herbs and Fruits
• Tropical Vegetables


We serve as a link between the industrial consumers of nutrients and indigenous rural farms in Sarawak 


  • DoKu Biotechnology Industries Sdn. Bhd., role is to serve as a link between the industrial consumers of nutrients and indigenous rural farms in Sarawak, to serve as a gateway into precision farming by enhancing value through biotechnology.
  • We provide Good Agriculture Practice training in collaboration with stakeholders at farm level.
  • We develop our own supply chain systems to link the farms to our Kuching based biotech processing centre to allow rural indigenous farmers produce to access the higher value chain.
  • We develop digital content from the farms to support Sarawak Big Data and transparency into the value chain.